Just like you, I struggled with acne, rosacea and sensitive skin for years. Just like you, I tried hundreds of over-the-counter products, expensive department store products, saw many dermatologists and went on several prescription medications all without success. Just like you, I felt frustrated and hopeless. I decided to become an esthetician and enrolled at University of Aesthetics in Chicago. I learned a tremendous about the skin, how it functions, how best to treat different conditions and discover solutions that actually work. 

I graduated in 2005 and became passionate about helping others heal their skin and address their concerns so that they too, could have radiant skin and thrive!  I worked at the prestigious Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in Chicago and quickly became a highly sought after esthetician. I also trained with a dermatologist focusing on advanced skincare treatments. I received my Acne Certification through an intense training program developed by acne expert, Laura Cooksey, who studied and worked with Dr. James E. Fulton, one of the most renowned acne experts in the world.

Marcia Simo

After working for several skincare spas, I realized that I could best serve others by opening my own skincare clinic.  I became a certified acne specialist so that I could help everyone suffering from acne find a proven path to clear skin.

I am dedicated and nurturing in my approach to educating you on skin function and how to achieve your skincare goals. Through continual advanced aesthetics training and education I am able to offer results-oriented skincare treatments using the highest quality products and most current technology. 


A facial helps strengthen the integrity of your skin, giving you a healthier, more balanced and radiant glow.  A facial at Binisimo is a total experience.  Your skin is first analyzed, and then a personalized treatment is designed for your unique skin type, condition and goals.  Knowing that the skin is dynamic and responds quickly to fluctuating emotional, physiological and environmental states, each session is a unique response to your needs in the moment, and no two sessions are exactly alike.  Professional home care products are prescribed to help you maintain the desired results.