What Clients Are Saying

When I first scheduled an appointment with Marcia I was really skeptical because I had been to countless dermatologists and nothing had worked for my skin. After checking out her website and looking through the acne boot camp program, I decided to take a leap of faith. I am so glad I did! Working with Marcia has completely cleared up my skin and I am so happy for it! I feel incredibly grateful that I somehow stumbled into meeting Marcia. The program is rigorous and requires a lifestyle change but that is what Marcia will require of you if you decide to embark on the journey to clearer skin. I promise Marcia’s skin care knowledge and program is worth it!


Marcia is an absolute delight to work with. I have been struggling with adult cystic and hormonal acne for the last ten years. It's taken a toll on my mood and self-esteem. I have tried seeing a dermatologist, OTC products, been on prescriptions and nothing really seemed to work. I have been seeing Marcia for about two months now and am so grateful for the differences I have seen in my skin. It is healing more and more each day. The Face Reality products she uses are magic. I still have a little bit to go but change doesn't happen overnight. The progress I have seen is incredible in this short amount of time. My skin actually feels healthy and when I wake up I don't avoid looking in the mirror anymore. Marcia is very attentive and takes the time to go over all aspects of a good skin care regime, from diet to personal care products to supplements. I have learned A TON from her!!! Each time I visit, she takes the time to listen to how my skin has been reacting to the products and customizes the routine. She has been responsive night and day, encouraging and helpful throughout the process. I am thrilled to have found Thrive Skincare & Wellness. Its such a cozy and welcoming space, I always leave feeling rejuvenated. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Marcia!!!


Marcia is patient and sweet and really cares about helping acne sufferers. I am definitely one. She had some suggestions to change my regimen, the most important of which was incredibly simple and cost me nothing. I won't say what - no excuses for not going to see her! If you have skin issues, please do yourself a favor and go see her.


I had all but given up on having healthy looking, nourished and smooth skin after moving to a dry climate in Southern UTAH and then experiencing reactive breakouts from many of the high quality skin care products available. Following my dermatologists recommendation, I switched to hypoallergenic soaps and lotions which left my skin feeling dry—and the wrinkles stated showing up fast. Then I met Marcia. Following an absolutely wonderful facial, my skin was glowing and beautifully hydrated. Yet that was not the best part of the service Marcia provided me. The wealth of information I learned during my facial consultation with Marcia has completely changed the way I care for my skin. I love the amazing products she recommended for my skin (zero sensitivity reactions) and use them daily. I also have the right guidance to properly feed and nourish my body to promote healthier skin, eyes and hair. She’s a wealth of information and a caring practitioner - she’s my favorite BEAUTY GURU. THANK YOU, Marcia!


Marcia is the kindest person, her space is super relaxing and her skincare is phenomenal. The products have no harsh ingredients and are safe for sensitive or acne prone skin. Both my 15 year old daughter and I have enjoyed multiple facials by Marcia. Highly recommend.


I have been very fortunate to experience many holistic modalities over several decades and I am a seeker of the best in life!! Not the most expensive, or the most sought after by the masses...but, what I consider the cream of the crop! Marcia is just that, cream of the crop!! Her ability to tune in to what is important to you and her uncanny ability to be totally present to whomever is in front of her is unprecedented. From the very first moment I stepped into her gorgeous treatment room till the very moment I was stepping out of that same room, the level of caring and aligning with where I was coming from, was something I have only been exposed to a handful of times in my life. My skin has never looked or felt so delicious! I had people making comments like "You seriously have no pores, your pores are like that of a little kid". I loved her touch, the products, the amazing equipment she used...the only complaint is that the treatment had to come to an end at some point! Most definitely will be returning sooner than later!!

Kate D.

Marcia is the kindest person, her space is super relaxing and her skincare is phenomenal. The products have no harsh ingredients and are safe for sensitive or acne prone skin. Both my 15 year old daughter and I have enjoyed multiple facials by Marcia. Highly recommend.


Ok, guys usually don’t get facials as much as women, but it’s time to change that thinking! Facials are for guys too, especially professionals that want to stay healthy looking and age gracefully. Not only does Marcia provide an expert service, but she also has a lot of health and nutrition knowledge that she kindly shares if you’re open. My skin has taken a beating from surfing, skiing and hiking in the mountains and just being outdoors my whole life. Her facials and products have made such a difference in how I feel and look. I have referred my own patients to her and they have been very pleased. Marcia is also an acne guru and the before and after results are astounding! Marcia is the consummate professional and I recommend her to anyone that wants to improve their skin appearance and health. Guys, go try a facial! And parents, send your kids, or yourself, if you struggle with acne and don’t want to go on harsh prescription drugs. Marcia can help you clear acne in a holistic and healthy way.


I have struggled with acne and sun damage since I was in my teens. I had tried everything from changing my diet to over the counter solutions to Accutane with temporary results at best. When I met Marcia I had been working with another esthetician for about 2 years and was still suffering with cystic acne and damaged skin. At my first visit, Marcia spent the time to educate me about what was causing my acne and what it would take to clear it. Within 6-8 months of regular treatments and a strict regimen of at home skin care my acne is gone and my skin is healed. I am in my mid- 40’s now and for the first time in my life I am not embarrassed about my face. I am more confident and outgoing than ever before. Marcia is all the things that other reviewers have said, kind, comforting and passionate about helping people, but above all else she is a true miracle worker!

Sally S.